Tejmalla Memorial Cricket Cup culminates in thrilling final match
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Tejmalla Memorial Cricket Cup culminates in thrilling final match

Post by RK News on Saturday, August 12, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 11: The highly anticipated Tejmalla Memorial cricket Cup reached its climax on Friday with an electrifying final match that left spectators on the edge of their seats. The showdown featured the Kupwara Tigers and the 777 Masters Jammu teams, treating cricket enthusiasts to a remarkable display of skill and determination.
In a gripping clash of tactics and talent, the Kupwara Tigers set a formidable target of 286 runs. The excitement escalated as the 777 Masters Jammu managed a heart-stopping 5-wicket victory, securing their triumph through a remarkable show of teamwork and dedication.
Distinguished guests graced the event, elevating its prestige. Among them were Rakesh Pandita from Landmark Crafts Pvt Ltd, who lent support and highlighted sports' role in fostering community unity; Deepak Kaw, Marketing Manager, who emphasized sports as a unifying force; Muzaffar Ahmad KAS, Divisional Sports Officer, recognized for his dedication to promoting sports excellence; Gowher, SHO Khanyar, who commended players for their on-field dedication and resilience; Ashok Bhat, District President of BJP in Srinagar, underlined sports' contribution to nurturing youth leadership qualities; Mubarak Gul, ex-MLA and former Speaker of the Legislative Council, stressed the importance of such tournaments in nurturing emerging talents; and Mohammad Sadiq Shah and his party, who joined in celebrating the event's success and the participants' achievements.
The Tejmalla Memorial Cricket Cup not only showcased exceptional cricketing prowess but also underscored sports' ability to unite diverse communities in camaraderie. The tournament's resounding success stands as a testament to the combined efforts of players, organizers, sponsors, and supporters.

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