TechKnow 2023 ignites technological passion at DPS Srinagar
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TechKnow 2023 ignites technological passion at DPS Srinagar

Post by RK News on Monday, August 14, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 14:  Delhi Public School, Srinagar was abuzz with a surge of technological enthusiasm and innovation during the captivating two-day event, TechKnow 2023, held on August 12th and 13th. The event, organized by the school's Tech Club, Cyber Crew, marked a remarkable milestone in nurturing technological prowess among students.
Themed "Unleash the Future of Tech Innovation," TechKnow 2023 witnessed the participation of 250 students from 20 schools across the valley, spanning from Kupwara to Shopian. The event provided an immersive platform for these young technocrats to engage in captivating workshops led by industry experts and seasoned professionals.
The workshops encompassed an array of tech-oriented domains, including Graphic Designing, Robotics & IoT, Web Design & Development, Python Programming, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, and Game Development. These workshops not only ignited curiosity but also offered hands-on experiences in cutting-edge technology fields.
Principal Shafaq Afshan shared her pride, stating, "TechKnow 2023 embodies our unwavering commitment to holistic education, fostering young minds with the tools of the future. The event seamlessly brought together our students' creativity and passion for technology."
Chief Technology Officer Ehsan Quddusi emphasized the event's significance, expressing, "Our core focus has consistently revolved around nurturing a culture of technological exploration. TechKnow 2023 provided students a unique opportunity to engage with pioneering concepts, inspiring their journey towards becoming future technology leaders."
The Chairman, Vijay Dhar, culminated the event, underscoring the pivotal role of innovation in education. "At DPS Srinagar, our initiatives aim to shape young minds for the technological era. TechKnow 2023 is an important stride towards realizing this vision," he asserted.
While the event did not feature competitions, students actively participated in workshops designed to foster skill acquisition and technological acumen. The event concluded with an awards ceremony, where participants were honored with Completion Certificates, recognizing their active engagement and enthusiasm.
Reflecting on TechKnow 2023, a participating student remarked, "Interacting with DPS Srinagar's students showcased their impressive technology prowess. The workshops were insightful and inspiring."
Nishit Kaul, a student speaker passionate about AI, added, "TechKnow 2023 magnificently captures the essence of technological evolution. Such platforms foster innovation and nurture the tech leaders of tomorrow."
A teacher from a participating school lauded DPS Srinagar for creating a platform that ignites students' passion for technology exploration. "DPS is setting an example by providing students with opportunities to showcase their talents and delve into the world of technology," the teacher commended.
TechKnow 2023 wasn't just an event; it was a testament to DPS Srinagar's commitment to nurturing young talents and equipping them with the skills required to excel in the digital age. The event's success underscored the collective efforts of students, educators, and industry experts in fostering a tech-driven future.

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