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Teaching through Electronic Media

A Report on a recently concluded Workshop in SCERT Srinagar and the Road ahead....

Post by on Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Covid-19 pandemic not only posed a threat to the human lives but the students were also unable to attend school in person. The closure of educational institutions posed a unique challenge to the Educational authorities to keep the process of Teaching Learning going. Currently as we know the teaching and learning process not only rely on physical books and whiteboards it is also contributed by electronic based learning media. In the UT of J&K the authorities also switched on to the online mode of teaching to reach out to the students amid the lockdown. This was however not an easy task as we are well aware that there is a huge digital divide and most of the students in the government run schools or even in the private schools do not possess the necessary electronic gadgets to receive online education.


To counter the challenge of the digital divide the Educational authorities in the valley supplemented the online learning process by the initiative of Radio classes. Education through Electronic media is not a new thing but the response it generated among the students, Parents and Teachers was remarkable. Director school Education Kashmir empanelled a very dedicated and voluntary group of Radio and Teleclass Resource persons who took this initiative seriously and made it a real success. After taking up the charge as DSEK Dr.Tasaduq Hussain Mir (KAS) further encouraged and appreciated the Process of Teaching through Radio and TV. In this Endeavor Nodal Officer of the program Mr.Javid Hussain Kirmani deserves appreciation for his unwavering efforts and willingness to keep the flow of teaching learning process going.


 As part of this unique initiative recently a special Training programme was organized for the Resource persons of Radio classes in SCERT Kashmir where media training and other necessary aspects of the teaching through Electronic media was highlighted by a high profile team of well known Media Trainers. The Program which was held between 27 to 29 December was designed in a beautiful manner. On its first day Coordinator Mr.Javid Hussain Kirmani gave a brief introduction of the program which was followed by a nice lecture by Dr.Jan Mudasir in which he deliberated upon the script writing for the Radio. On the same day after lunch a brainstorming session was delivered by Riyaz Masroor Bureau chief BBC JK. The way he communicated the various philosophical and pedagogical aspects of teaching and learning to the participants was totally absorbing. He expressly stressed upon a child centered approach of learning and supported his argument by many relevant examples. The Day two of the training program began with the much awaited session by Syed Humayun Qaisar, Former Director All India Radio and a well known Broadcaster and Media Trainer. Humayun Qaisar as usual was meticulous and the trainees thoroughly enjoyed his session. He highlighted all the necessary aspects of Radio based Education and through a series of examples communicated the various technical aspects and other relevant skills to the participating Resource persons. The second session of the day two was taken over by another well known Radio broadcaster Talha Jehangir. His insights towards the subject were not only useful but his humorous way of communication made it a sweet session for the Teachers. Last and the Day third of the Programme began with a beautiful and nicely crafted lesson on Urdu Pronunciation and phonetics (Urdu Talafuzz) by Noted Academic Officer SCERT Dr Rabia Naseem Moghal. She was phenomenal in her approach and her presentation as usual was up to the mark. The second session closed with the lecture of Sheikh Gulzar on 21st century pedagogy.

The presence of worthy DSEK Dr Tassaduq Hussain Mir (KAS) on the occasion of valedictory was a huge morale booster to the trainees as well as the Coordinator and the Resource persons. All the participants were awarded certificates by worthy Director School Education Kashmir which proved to be great gesture for the appreciation and encouragement of the teachers as well as the programme coordinator.

With the resurgence of the Covid-19 and the possible lockdown amid a third wave of the virus, it seems that the Process of Teaching Learning would once again be continued through the medium of Radio and television along with the zoom or YouTube classes. It’s said that every challenge comes with an opportunity and in this case the Radio based Education has not only provided an opportunity to the Resource persons/Teachers to hone their skills of teaching through Electronic media but also to the authorities to create a highly competent team of Radio RPs. The introduction of such a endeavour and the commencement of Training programmes on Teaching through Electronic media could be a huge bonus to the teachers and the student community. It is worth to mention that the much talked New Educational policy 2020 also gives special importance to the online system of education and with the digital divide among the society Radio and TV could be a great teaching platform. One hopes that in future we could see the process of Teaching Learning through Radio more useful and developed.


(Rayees Masroor is a Freelance writer, columnist and Radio Resource person and can be reached at Rayeesrocks20@gmail.com)

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