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Teacher in the age of Digital World
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Teacher in the age of Digital World

Modern technology is serving us in different spheres of life but the confusion going on, in the minds of all stakeholders is; can this modern technology replace the teachers too?

Post by on Wednesday, July 20, 2022

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To understand the teacher in the age of digital and technological world it is much appropriate to quote George Couros who said, “ technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational’’. As it is quite evident and obvious that modern technology has enclutched the modern world and has bulk of influence on almost every sphere of life. We witness that in modern scenario of digital and technological world   where we can have and is information available about the whole world just on our finger tips. Observing over this, clearly reflects that technology is almost replacing every traditional procedure of performing the things. Earlier we used to sit in the examination hall for conduct of examination where we have to arrange different human resources for efficiently get the work done, but now in this age of technological world we have different online platforms for getting the same task done that too in cost effective procedure (This can be subjected to limitations). Modern students and scholars do not need the copy and pen to write down their daily assignments because we are served by different software’s like MS word. Modern students do not need to spend money on purchasing books in hard copy because we have plenty of quality e- books available on internet that too from national and international authors and available in different languages.


Modern technology is serving us in different spheres of life but the confusion going on in the minds of all stakeholders is; can this modern technology replace the teachers too? The teacher who is nation builder, who is supposed to create human resources for different aspects of society, the teacher who basically transforms an organism into human being is assumed to get replaced by the technology. No, not even the best ever technology can replace the bit of the role played by the teacher. As per Bill Gates, “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important”. The answer to the confusion is crystal clear that there is no alternative against the builder of humanity (Teacher). Technology which is assumed to replace the teacher is itself dependent on the teacher. The bulk of information available on YouTube and other web blogs is basically designed and framed by the teacher. The role of technology and digital media is that it makes these learning experiences reachable for the people who otherwise are unreachable. We may say that technology and digital media is actually as an augmentation to a teacher.


On the other hand, the role of the teacher cannot be restrained just to delivery of information and instructions to students; the teacher actually has to play the role of a motivator and has to develop curiosity among students for more and more search which cannot be done through digital media. Teacher, whom we assume unnecessary, is basically much more required especially when even the terrifying crime can be carried out just by one click, it is here the teacher who actually should act as a quality and quantity filter for the huge amount of information available on the internet.

Despite certain changes in the teaching method, the worth of a teacher in a student's life has increased in the current digital era. With so much outside influence at students' disposal, it is now even more important to have teachers pointing them in the proper way. Teachers need to present to children, teenagers, and young adults a correct representation of facts and enable them to distinguish between right and wrong. No doubt, Internet is the storehouse of treasure of knowledge but it also offers the ways of evil and corrupt practices. Internet can always be used as a helpful complement to our existing education system but can never take on the role of a teacher. To conclude we may say that the style of teaching has drastically changed but what has remained unchanged is the need for a good teacher, someone who can provide students with a powerful foundation and infallible character. A teacher can take this information, organise it into a coherent whole, and present it in a way that the student will comprehend.




 (The Authors are Research Scholars in the Department of Education, University of Kashmir and can be reached at mirishfaq.eduscholar@kashmiruniversity.net)

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