Surat yatris honour security forces with 10,000 gratitude-filled cards
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Surat yatris honour security forces with 10,000 gratitude-filled cards

Post by Younus Rashid on Tuesday, July 11, 2023

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Qazigund, July 09 
A group of Amarnath Yatris from Surat embarked on a novel initiative during their pilgrimage and expressed their gratitude towards security officers by presenting 10,000 "Thank You" cards. The yatris started their journey on July 4th from the Pahalgam-Chandanwari axis and were greeted and assisted by security personnel throughout their pilgrimage.
Ayesh Sharma, a yatri from Gujarat's Surat, highlighted their endeavor, saying, "We tried to do something new and presented 'Thank You' cards to the security officers who assist pilgrims on this holy journey." The yatris praised the unwavering dedication of the security forces, who remain vigilant regardless of the weather conditions, be it cold, hot, or even sub-zero temperatures, providing the best service.
Sharma further expressed, "During the walk to the Holy Cave, security forces provide all necessary assistance and ensure our safety. Taking this opportunity to do something for them was a positive aspect of our Yatra."
The yatris had prepared 10,000 cards to express their gratitude to the army soldiers and other security officials who serve as the backbone of the pilgrimage. "Our team consisted of nine members, and each one of us carried 'Thank You' cards to offer this small token of love to the military personnel," shared the yatris.
Reflecting on the Yatra arrangements, Sharma lauded the excellent facilities, including langar services and other amenities. He commended the government's medical camps, describing them as top-notch.
Another pilgrim reassured fellow devotees, stating, "There is nothing to be concerned about as the security personnel have made all the necessary preparations for a hassle-free Amarnath Ji Yatra pilgrimage. We encourage others to come and perform their rites without fear. The support from the community, such as the pony walas, has also been remarkable. Overall, our journey to the holy cave was flawless."
The "Thank You" cards presented by the yatris carried heartfelt messages, expressing appreciation for the security forces' relentless dedication to the safety of the pilgrims on their sacred journey. One such message read, "Because you (Security forces) are standing day and night for the safety of the pilgrims on this journey. Keeping this goal in mind that the journey should be peaceful, you do not even give time to your family and dedicate all your time to the citizens of the country. This, in itself, is a huge sacrifice."

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