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Struggling with lifelong disabilities , wheelchair bound athelete excels in para games
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Struggling with lifelong disabilities , wheelchair bound athelete excels in para games

Post by ARIF RASHID on Friday, May 12, 2023

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Syed Riyaz Ahmad, 45, was on duty to douse the flames of the Chinar tree under fire. While dousing the fire  to save the Chinar tree, he met with an accident which caused  damage to his spinal cord leaving him disabled for life.

"In this incident, my spinal cord was damaged. After that, though I received treatment at Bones and Joint Hospital in Srinagar and SKIMS , I could not recover, and was rendered fully disabled," Ahmad said.



Struggling with stress and the horrific incident in his life , Riyaz was inspired by a specially abled IAS officer Khursheed Ahmad Mir, to start participating in the sports activities. 


"He provided me with the courage and  taught me how a specially abled person can  become a role model for others  and not a burden."


"After that I started playing indoor games. I developed a passion for sports activities. I have started playing various games like wheelchair cricket, basketball, chess, carrom board, and sitting volleyball. So, that I come out of this stress," Riyaz Ahmad said.


He said that in the year 2021, He played a national match in wheelchair cricket through the Jammu and Kashmir Wheelchair Cricket Association in Gujarat. Wheelchair cricket has presently two teams in the Kashmir valley; these teams are Budgam 11 and Srinagar 11, which are playing cricket tournaments in various places in the valley. "Currently I am one of the all-rounders  of the Srinagar 11 wheelchair cricket team", he said.



"During my career in sports ,  I have played various wheelchair cricket tournaments in the various districts of the Kashmir valley. Where I am getting the opportunity to show my talent to the local youths as a specially abled person. "I have also played other games like basketball, sitting volleyball, chess, and carrom in various districts of the Kashmir valley ," Riyaz said.



Reyaz said that despite his disabilities  he continuously performs his   duties in the fire services department.  "I am doing office-related work in the department. I have also modified my car to the automatic system to  drive the vehicle", he said.


Adding, " I never let my mind become disabled.  Though it was  difficult for me to come out of the stress. after the incident that  changed my life".



" Those who   think that disabilities don't let them   achieve success should look at me and others who are similar . I am presently playing various games with others. Let people  come out of this thinking and focus on their dreams and goals to  find success in their lives," He added.


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