Stop queuing students during officials' visits: DSEK to schools 
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Stop queuing students during officials' visits: DSEK to schools 

Post by ARIF RASHID on Saturday, September 16, 2023

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Srinagar, Sept 15: Taking a strong cognizance of the practice of students being queued up for hours during the visits of officials,  the Director of School Education (DSEK) on Friday directed the  schools to avoid long queues for students  as it adversely impacts  their opportunity time, causes learning disruption and productivity loss.
The circular from the DSEK highlights that it has come to their attention that when officials or guests visit schools or educational institutions, students are often compelled to wait in lengthy queues for extended periods along the reception pathway. Additionally, students are required to remain outside their classrooms during various events, disrupting their regular learning schedules.
Moreover, the circular notes concerns about the environmental impact of offering non-biodegradable artificial floral bouquets or garlands to visiting officers or guests, which pose a significant burden during disposal.
The circular points out that significant expenses are incurred for hospitality and catering arrangements during school functions, which do not contribute to the school's overall environment. This practice also creates a sense of inequality among students, as not all of them are offered such treats during events, resulting in clear-cut discrimination.
The circular raises another issue regarding the time consumed in welcoming new officers with bulk artificial garlands, which could be better spent on more productive activities.
These practices are being questioned for their negative impact on various aspects, including students' opportunity time, learning disruption, productivity loss, and the potential harm to students' self-esteem and mental and emotional health.
The circular further urges institutions to strive for an environment where both students and guests feel valued and respected. It emphasizes the need for efficient, respectful, and innovative guest reception methods to enhance the overall experience for all involved parties.
To address these concerns, the circular suggests that if there is a need to offer welcome tokens to guests or officers, it should be done with simple, natural flowers. As for catering, a modest cup of tea and snacks is recommended.
In conclusion, the circular strongly urges all department functionaries, especially mid-level managers, school heads, and teachers, to refrain from such practices in the future and to maintain a high level of modesty during events.
This initiative by the Director of School Education Kashmir aims to create a more inclusive, respectful, and productive learning environment for students while promoting responsible environmental practices.
The Director of School Education Kashmir in an Circular stated it has been observed that when any officer visits any school or Education institution, students are made to stand for hours together in queues on both sides of the path for reception & made to wait outside the classes during any function.
 "It has also been observed that the visiting officer or guest is offered artificial floral bouquets or garlands made of non-biodegradable material which overburdens the environment during its disposal," the order said.
It reads that during the conduct of different functions in the school, a lot of expenses are incurred on the hospitality & catering arrangements for the guests or officers that doesn't benefit the school ambience at all and it also tempts the students who are not offered such eatables during the event which is a clear-cut discrimination.

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