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Srinagar witnesses’ improvement in vehicular movement after installation of high-tech traffic lights

Traffic in Srinagar is expected to improve further: SSP traffic

Post by on Tuesday, June 7, 2022

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Srinagar, June 06: After the installation of high-tech traffic lights at several intersections in Srinagar city, people have a major breathing space as the city is witnessing smooth vehicular movement.
The developments come after the traffic police in Srinagar have installation of high-tech traffic lights at various junctions in the city and conducted several awareness programmes to educate the people.
According to SSP traffic Muzaffar Ahmad Shah, Srinagar city will witness more smooth functioning of traffic in coming months. In the last four months, nine lakh tourists have visited the city. He said due to tourist season more vehicles are plying on Srinagar roads. Despite that, traffic police in Srinagar are managing traffic normally to provide hassle-free vehicular movement to people.
Shah said that at present, there is a bit of a lack of public transport in the city. He said JKSTRC, in collaboration with SMC, is planning to bring public transport to the city to ease people's problems.
 When this public transport becomes available in Srinagar city, there will be more smooth functioning of traffic.
However, the senior citizens said that the smooth functioning of traffic in Srinagar is visible on the ground. They said since these lights were installed, people have been strictly following these traffic rules in Srinagar.
Before these high-tech lights were installed at various junctions in the city, huge traffic jams were witnessed in Srinagar.
According to Javid Ahmad, who works in Lal, there were previously massive traffic jams at various junctions and people were flouting traffic rules, adding that drivers preferred to stop near these lights. However, in the last few weeks, this trend has changed and people are keeping the zabra crossing signs free, which were once rare found in the city.
He went to say that since this new traffic SSP has joined. The Srinagar city is witnessing a massive change in traffic management, adding that earlier people were leaving their vehicles unattended on the roadside, leaving others to suffer, but in the city center, Lal Chowk, these are found presently in very small numbers.
An official of Traffic Police Srinagar told Rising Kashmir that around 50-70 challans are being done in Srinagar for wrong parking. The official said since these challans for wrong parking intensified, there has been a huge change in road side wrong parking.
Firdous Ahmad, a shopkeeper at Lal-chowk, told Rising Kashmir earlier, when cabs were barred from the city, people were facing inconvenience, and after proper traffic management, things have improved in the city.
He said earlier that the non-availability of parking slots in Lal-chowk meant shoppers had no option other than to park their vehicles on the road.
Ahmad said since this SDA parking slot is functional, the city centre is witnessing a massive improvement in traffic, which is a relief for common people.

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