Srinagar to become garbage, dumpster-free city through new waste collection system
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Srinagar to become garbage, dumpster-free city through new waste collection system

Implements Door-to-Door Segregated Waste Collection

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Tuesday, April 18, 2023

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Srinagar, Apr 17: The Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has introduced a cutting-edge geographic information system (GIS)-based and real-time GPS-monitored segregated waste collection system, aiming to create a garbage-free and dumpster-free city. Furthermore, the initiative involves the deployment of 150 new vehicles, including 100 light motor vehicles for door-to-door primary collection and 50 heavy motor vehicles, including modern compactors, for secondary transportation.
According to a statement issued by the department,Srinagar Municipal Corporation has issued a revised area and ward-wise deployment schedule of garbage collection vehicles across the city to ensure 100% collection of segregated dry and wet waste. SMC has also initiated the process of removing dumpsters and bins from the city in a bid to create a garbage free a dumpster-free city.
The GIS mapping and geofencing of all areas and wards up to lane level is an integral part of the scheme to guarantee efficient and prompt waste collection. The Integrated Solid Waste Management IT System under the Smart City project provides comprehensive monitoring of garbage collection, from live location tracking and route and time deviation alerts to grievance redressal and quality assurance tools.
The statement further informs that to ensure the effective implementation of the project, SMC has prohibited dumping waste at any location other than SMC's vehicles. In case the garbage collection vehicle does not show up on time or fails to reach an address, the local Ward-level officers shall be contacted, or SMC's control room shall be informed.
The goal is to establish Srinagar as one of the cleanest cities in the country by encouraging public participation and cooperation. The segregated waste collection is expected to aid SMC in managing waste more efficiently at its Acchan site. Furthermore, SMC is working on removing legacy waste and bio-remediating existing waste at the Acchan Landfill site, in consultation with IIT Jammu and NIT Srinagar, as part of its legal waste removal plan. The government has projected funding for the project under SBM 2.0.
The contact details of concerned ward-level officials and details of vehicles deployed in each area have been shared in the public notification. This is a major initiative in making Srinagar City among the cleanest cities in the country. The success of the initiative is heavily dependent on the participation and cooperation of the general public Segregated waste collection will help SMC better manage the waste at the Achan site.
SMC is also working on a project for the removal of legacy waste and bio-mining and bioremediation of existing waste at its Acchan Landfill site. The legal waste removal plan has been prepared in consultation with IIT Jammu and NIT Srinagar and has been projected for funding under SBM 2.0.

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