Srinagar square's remarkable transformation steals the show on 77th I-Day 
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Srinagar square's remarkable transformation steals the show on 77th I-Day 

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Wednesday, August 16, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 15: Srinagar's square commonly known as “Ganta Gar” reverberated with joy and celebration on the 77th Independence Day as a large number of tourists gathered to commemorate the momentous occasion. 
The event was organized in harmony by a collaborative effort between a group of tourists and the local residents, marking a harmonious fusion of cultures and sentiments.
A unanimous sentiment of awe and appreciation permeated the atmosphere as attendees marvelled at the remarkable transformation the city had undergone. Many shared stories of the city's remarkable evolution over the past year, attributing this positive change to the unwavering dedication of local authorities in enhancing its aesthetics and charm.
A visitor from Ahmedabad shared his poignant recollections of the previous year's visit, highlighting the stark contrast between then and now. What was once a solitary exploration had given way to a lively and jubilant crowd, all reveling in the festive spirit alongside fellow celebrants.
The air was infused with resonant echoes of national pride as the participants proudly waved the tricolor flag at LalChowk. A guest from New Delhi showered accolades upon Srinagar, labelling it a model city for others to emulate. Their sentiment echoed a resounding call for other states to adopt similar revitalization strategies, infusing vibrancy and beauty into their own urban landscapes.
The renewed charm of Srinagar Square continued to captivate tourists well into the evening, with numerous individuals capturing their joyous moments through selfies against the splendid backdrop of this transformation. The local community shared a collective belief in the rejuvenation of LalChowk, a significant aspect of the smart city project, which is poised to further elevate its vibrancy and allure, solidifying its status as a cherished destination.

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