Srinagar gears up for Ashoora procession on traditional route after three decades
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Srinagar gears up for Ashoora procession on traditional route after three decades

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Saturday, July 29, 2023

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Srinagar, July 28:  In a significant move, the authorities in Srinagar have announced that the Ashoora (10th Muharram) procession will be permitted to follow its traditional route on 10th Muharram, commencing from Bota Kadal to Imambara in Zadibal.

This decision marks the second major step taken by the UT administration, following the historic allowance of the 8th Muharram procession through traditional routes after a hiatus of 34 years. The 8th Muharram procession, which took place from Guru Bazar to MA Road to Dalage, received heartfelt gratitude from Shia leaders to LG Manoj Sinha for this momentous decision.

The Ashoora procession bears immense religious significance as it commemorates the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS), the revered grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), along with his family members and companions, who were tragically martyred in Karbala, Iraq, approximately 1400 years ago. To ensure the safety and smooth passage of mourners participating in the Ashoora procession, elaborate security arrangements have been put in place, considering the expected large gatherings.

As part of the preparations for Ashoora, the traffic department has issued an advisory to effectively manage traffic flow during the event. The Youm-e-Ashoora will be observed on 10th Muharram (29th July-2023), and the main Zuljinah procession will proceed from Bota Kadal to the main Imambara in Zadibal. However, motorists in Zadibal and nearby areas are advised to take note of specific diversions to avoid inconvenience to the general public and ensure smooth traffic movement.

Motorists intending to travel from Lal Chowk to Soura, or vice versa, are urged to use Dr. Ali Jan Road, while those moving between Zakoora and Lal Chowk are advised to opt for Foreshore Road, as stated in the traffic advisory. Vehicles coming from Gojwara towards Zadibal will be diverted at Firdous Cinema towards Dr. Ali Jan Road via Sazgaripora, and vehicles heading towards Badamwari from Lal Chowk via Rainawari will be diverted at Chatipadshahi towards Kathidarwaza. Additionally, motorists from the Lal Bazar area are advised to utilize the Kanitar-Hazratbal-Foreshore road.

The traffic police have requested the public to avoid unnecessary movement towards areas where Youm-e-Ashoora processions are being held to prevent any inconvenience. With the authorities' meticulous efforts in place, it is hoped that the Ashoora procession will be conducted smoothly and peacefully, allowing the participants to observe this crucial religious event without any disruptions.


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