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Srinagar based MNC Gulf Xellence caters to innovative needs of int’l market

Post by on Saturday, June 26, 2021

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For more than a decade, Muzamil Amin—a young entrepreneur who runs a Srinagar based international business management firm Gulf Xellence , has been organizing high level events across the globe.
The organization is focused on organizing events from the Middle East, Africa and Asian countries.
Amin, who is the CEO of the firm, said , “Gulf Xellence is basically a Srinagar based international business management firm and a business training company that organizes high level events across the globe and has offices in Thailand and Mauritius.”
He said that the organization is mainly into crypto currency, besides, it also deals with top tech, oil and gas companies, Fintech, health and safety, banking and block chain and other crypto companies as well.
“Our company advises our clients about the successful business and provides them solutions also,” Amin said.
He said that presently he works with a staff of nearly 30 people working from different parts of the world. “In our team, some members are based in Germany while others are in other parts of the world,” Amin said.
The CEO also said that it has been more than a decade since he started the establishment. “Since 2011, I have organized some of the biggest events in UAE, Jordan, Bahrain and Mauritius, Singapore and Thailand regarding science and technology.”
Amin said that the company is now focusing beyond the science and technology events and very soon will be organizing some other events as well.
Though the company is Srinagar based, it has offices in Thailand, and Mauritius.
Amin said that the Gulf Xellence is the only Srinagar based event Management Company that is organizing events across the globe.
Meanwhile, the company in a communiqué has said that the Gulf Xellence was founded by innovative minded entrepreneurs who understand that relationship building, networking and skilled training are keys to business growth and long lasting success.
The communiqué also states that the Gulf Xellence has been providing business leaders around the world a hybrid platform where businesses can showcase and leverage their competitive values and strengths to the audience globally.


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