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Sprit of knowledge

Post by on Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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The globalization of knowledge has brought mammoth changes in most of the aspects of our lives. Over the years, the way people live, communicate and interact or do their business have been revolutionised by the easy access to information and technology. Having said that, what is more important than endorsing knowledge and learning is to find out ways and avenues to utilize that knowledge for the betterment and progress of our society. Not just power, but prosperity too gushes forth from the fountain of knowledge. Calling modern era as the era of knowledge is always at the cost of repetition. Moving ahead of these worn out things, present education system demands immense amount of hard work if the aim is to excel. The reason why our education is lagging far behind as compared to the West is that we have lost the temperament to work hard and relentlessly. Unfortunately our system of education is such that we hardly get to know the importance of hard work till it is too late. That is the reason why our higher education is not producing the kind of talent that could make a mark at international level.  Most of our teachers take teaching as just another job. Their way of evaluating and rating their job is always in terms of how better or worse they are placed compared to other employees in the UT. This is simply appalling. Without undermining their capabilities, one does get disturbed on how they approach their job of teaching. In other parts of the worlds, teachers are all about gaining knowledge and making their students comfortably tread the path of knowledge.   They work more rigorously than their students. They keep themselves updating and try to find ways and means to crack new problems and come up with new ideas. If we look at the performance of the universities in US and Europe, it easily becomes graspable that the present world has been shaped up, and is being run, by the minds that were groomed and allowed to flourish in the university campuses. Great minds of our times, be it in science, social science, humanities or literature, have thrived in different universities. Generally our teachers do know all this. What they lack is their willingness to work hard and consider the profession of teaching as something related to the world of a recluse. Like a recluse dissociating himself from all the rest, our teachers need to think only of how to gain knowledge and forget the rest. Right now the case is reverse. The world of scholarship is a privileged one. If they are enjoying this privilege they should make the most of it. The need of the hour is that our teachers should always remain in pursuit of light so that they can unfetter the spirit of knowledge to all parts of the world.


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