Soroptimist International shines a light on women's empowerment at Charter Ceremony
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Soroptimist International shines a light on women's empowerment at Charter Ceremony

Post by RK News on Sunday, August 20, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 19: A momentous event unfolded in the heart of Srinagar as Soroptimist International Srinagar (Kashmir) - SI Srinagar (Kashmir) club held its Charter Ceremony, showcasing a commitment to education, empowerment, and women's advancement through advocacy, awareness, and action. The ceremony marked a significant milestone in the global journey toward gender equality and social change.
Soroptimist International, a prominent women's organization with a century-long legacy, has been at the forefront of championing women's rights and socio-economic empowerment worldwide. The Charter Ceremony of Soroptimist International Srinagar (Kashmir) underscored the unity of a global sisterhood with a shared purpose. The ceremony was presided over by Ms. Gulafroz Jan and Rizwana, while the solemn Isband (lighting of the lamp) was performed by President Parveen Pandit and club members, adding tradition and gravitas to the proceedings.
The event was graced by the presence of women from international, national, and regional platforms, embodying the collaborative effort for gender parity. Notable attendees included Cathy Cottridge, President of Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI), Prof. Neelofer Khan, HVC, University of Kashmir, Prof. Pam Rajput, Prof. Emeritus, Panjab University, Patiala, and other distinguished guests.
The Charter Ceremony saw the official birth of SI Srinagar (Kashmir), complete with the symbolic collaring of the President by SIGBI President Cathy Cottridge, signifying the investiture of leadership responsibilities. Cathy Cottridge emphasized the broader reach of the Soroptimist movement, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural differences.
Anitha Rajarajan, Organizational Development Officer, recounted the collective dedication that brought Soroptimist International to this moment. Anu Wakhlu highlighted the organization's vital role in addressing contemporary challenges and shaping the future. Prof. Parveen Pandit, President of SI Srinagar (Kashmir), expressed her commitment to the organization's objectives, and the badge-pinning ceremony by prominent figures symbolized the members' shared dedication to Soroptimist ideals.
The event also featured project presentations showcasing the impactful work of SI Srinagar Kashmir by Insha Mir, Asma, and Nasiya, Communication Officer, Joint Secretary, and Treasurer of SI Srinagar (Kashmir) respectively. Prof. Pam Rajput and Prof. Nilofar Khan commended the organization's efforts and highlighted the importance of women's empowerment in societal transformation.
The Charter Ceremony concluded with a vibrant cultural showcase, celebrating Kashmiri tradition and directed by Dr. Samreen and Prof. Gurmeet. Insha Mir delivered the vote of thanks, and the event was covered by Zainab Riyaz, Farkhanda Ana, and Nida Shah, members of the club.
The event highlighted Soroptimist International's unwavering commitment to advancing women's rights, empowerment, and meaningful change on both local and global levels. With the birth of SI Srinagar (Kashmir), the organization's impact in the region is set to grow even further, fostering a brighter future for women in Kashmir and beyond.

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