Sopore teenager Vasif Rashid’s ‘Your World’ is answer to all your needs
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Sopore teenager Vasif Rashid’s ‘Your World’ is answer to all your needs

Post by on Sunday, July 4, 2021

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Living in a remote village of Duroo of north Kashmir’s Sopore town, a 16-year-old teenager Vasif Rashid believes that age can never act as a barrier in fulfilling one’s dreams.
Vasif is into online network marketing and is running a successful online company under the title “Your world.”
"Initially, I used to sell and buy products on various online platforms. I was working as a mediator between the buyer and seller. I used to get a handsome commission for my services," he revealed.
He believes having such an idea at a young age is nothing short of a “miracle” as children of his age generally spend their time on playing games.
The unique idea of online marketing which struck Vasif when he was just 14 has today turned into a big business where people come to get their various needs fulfilled.
Today with his team Vasif’s company works as a buffer for selling and buying of properties, land, shops, cars, gold, readymade etc.
As per Vasif besides the other things, his company has also become a platform for talented youth to represent their hidden talent which include writing, dancing, singing, playing instruments etc.
The teenager seems happy with his enterprise and is keen to figure out means of livelihood for others also.
He believes that youth in present times should not only think about government jobs as it is not possible for the government to provide public sector jobs to everyone.
"If only 10 percent of Valley youth will turn to entrepreneurship, it will end the job crisis here. Their efforts will generate livelihood for thousands of unemployed youth", he believes.
Vasif is not only a good businessman, but also an innovator as he has made various things which include automatic iron press, modern inventors, besides, manufacturing various types of equipment used for agricultural purposes.
The young businessman has completed his 12th class from Najam-us-Sehar Higher Secondary School Duroo, Sopore.
He feels the rise in unemployment pushed the Valley youth towards the menace of drugs.
"I want to ask these people that those who are not government employees, are they not living happy lives? Parents should also not force their children for government jobs,” says Vasif.
The teenager believes that hard work and patience are the two key elements which can take a person to places.

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