Some precautions to take after pregnancy:
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Some precautions to take after pregnancy:

Post by on Sunday, July 18, 2021

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Make sure the food you consume is cooked safely and stored in a safe place for the prevention of diseases.

Make washing hands a regular habit, especially after each visit outdoors and to the bathroom, after every diaper change and especially before feeding your baby.

Try and keep a hand sanitizer with you when you are outdoors.

Ask your family members to follow the same hygiene practice as germs can spread a lot faster via touching.

Have regular follow-ups with your doctor to detect any early signs of infections.

To conclude, after pregnancy, every mother should eat healthy food, take as much rest as possible and take the necessary precautions for the prevention of diseases. A child’s health mainly depends on the mother’s health.

Further mothers should go for routine exercises, walk and Or jogging to stay healthy and stress free.

Dr Suhail Naik

Lecturer Pediatrics GB Pant Children Hospital

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