Solina residents upset over exclusion of normal students from Abhinandan home
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Solina residents upset over exclusion of normal students from Abhinandan home

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Monday, May 29, 2023

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Srinagar, May 28: Residents of Solina in Rambagh, Srinagar, have voiced their resentment towards the social welfare department for imposing restrictions on the admission of normal students to Abhinandan Home. Inhabits said the decision was made without consulting the locals, has caused distress among the public.
According to local residents, Abhinandan Home, which has been operating since 1941, was originally managed by local residents and provided education to both disabled and normal students. The normal students played a crucial role in assisting the abnormal students. However, the recent decision by the social welfare department to exclude normal students from admission has created a sense of vacancy and distress within the community.
Javid Ahmad, a local resident, shared his concerns with Rising Kashmir, stating that two of his three children, who are not disabled, were previously enrolled in the home. Due to the authorities' decision, Ahmad has been compelled to relocate his two non-disabled children. He expressed serious concerns about how his disabled son, who relied on the assistance of his siblings, has been affected by the social welfare department's takeover of the home.
The residents also raised objections to the department's recruitment of new staff, which resulted in the dismissal of existing employees who had dedicated decades of service to the school. The locals believe that this is a grave injustice to the teachers who had devoted a significant portion of their lives to educating disabled students.
Responding to the issues, Director of Social Welfare, Shafiq Ahmad Chalk, informed Rising Kashmir that since the department took over Abhinandan Home, it has been exclusively designated for disabled students. Regarding the hiring of new faculty, Chalk clarified that the existing staff had not been recruited by the department. Instead, they have recruited special educators specifically trained to cater to the needs of disabled students.
The decision to restrict admission to Abhinandan Home, without consulting the local residents, has sparked discontent and distress within the Solina community. The residents are deeply concerned about the impact on the education of normal students and the unfair treatment of long-serving teachers.

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