Social problems can be solved easily if their source is plugged
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Social problems can be solved easily if their source is plugged

Post by RK News on Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Every now and then we come across the talk that the moral fabric of our society has degenerated. It is followed by a lecture on morals and passionate advice to follow a certain code of conduct. Sometimes it also contains an element of anger. All this may emanate from good and noble intent, but that is never going to solve the problem. Contrary to this it has the potential of pushing society further into the darkness of moral degradation. If as a society we really care for our future generation we must take it as a challenge and devise a method that can correct the ills draining into in our society. No doubt that any exercise aimed at saving our youngsters from the curse of perverted practices will include reprimanding them for this wrong, but care has to be taken that it doesn’t further alienate them from the society. While studying many cases of juvenile delinquency what the young boys have revealed suggests that mostly the problem lies with the family. Now if they have resorted to objectionable practices the fault is not entirely theirs. Parents must be held responsible in the first instance. The indifference of parents towards their children always gets reflected in such delinquent behaviour. In parents children find their first role models. Whatever parents say or do, directly finds its way into the mind of the growing child. Parents have a big role to play in shaping up the future of their children. They should develop a close and trusting relationship with them from an early age and support and encourage positive behaviour among them. It is quite logical that if the behaviour of parents is faulty it will definitely affect the life of a child. In case of teenagers that have resorted to morally reprehensible acts, it becomes absolutely manifest that the origin of the problem is somewhere in the behaviour of parents. Once asked about what led them to such things, children straightaway point their fingers at parents. Here is the painful question that these boys put before all of us; “When our working parents ignore us and enjoy life in a socially unacceptable way, is there any other option than taking to such practices?” Before we think of punishing them for this delinquent behaviour we need to penalise ourselves. The crux of the matter is that in all kinds of juvenile delinquencies we discover some elders committing the crime. It doesn’t need policing to undo the rot, it needs parental care, proper schooling and a morally conscious society to save the future generation from consuming itself by resorting to practices that broadly fall under the category of juvenile delinquency .

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