Smoking, stress, diabetes, high BP causes of heart attacks: Dr U Kaul
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Smoking, stress, diabetes, high BP causes of heart attacks: Dr U Kaul

Post by Sameer Showkin Lone on Sunday, October 30, 2022

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Well-known cardiologist Dr Upendra Kaul on Saturday said smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, tension and stress are the main reasons behind increasing heart attacks. 

Dr Kaul said 11 percent people in Kashmir suffer from diabetes and its main causes are improper lifestyle. 

Speaking to Rising Kashmir on the sidelines of a book release function titled "When the Heart Speaks", authored by Dr Kaul himself, said eating very little fresh vegetables and doing very little exercise contributes to the heart attacks.

He advised people (in Kashmir) to consume fruits and vegetables two to three times a day to avoid heart strokes. “People  need to improve their food habits and basic lifestyle.It doesn’t cost anything to do regular exercise,” he said, adding “fruits and vegetables are protective receptors”

Dr Kaul further said that those people who know the size of their flip flops (Chappels) and size of their collar must know their blood pressure readings too.

The noted cardiologist said people who often have blood pressure plus 140 or 90 should take due treatment to avoid any possible heart stroke.

“Diabetes basically is a lifestyle disease. In current times, people in the age group of 30-35 age suffer from diabetes. 11 Percent people in Kashmir live with diabetes.Early detection of diabetes is a must and it can be handled with a good lifestyle,” he said.

Dr Kaul said the traditional bread (Kander Tchot) available in Kashmir is full of carbohydrates. “Almost everyone I meet has triglyceride levels over 250. Even some one here told me that his triglyceride level has touched 900. We need to change such food habits," Dr Kaul insisted.

He said people must adopt simple life saving thingsand “we will be winners”.