SMC aims to make Srinagar garbage-free city in just two weeks
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SMC aims to make Srinagar garbage-free city in just two weeks

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Wednesday, May 10, 2023

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Srinagar, May 9: The Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has made significant progress in its efforts to rid the city of waste and open dumpers. According to the SMC's Chief Sanitization Officer, the aim of making the city garbage-free will be achieved within the next two weeks.
The SMC has already eliminated about half of the open waste sites and sheds in the city and is working to close the remaining ones. The Chief Sanitation Officer stated that the SMC has achieved 100 percent door-to-door rubbish collection in the city. In some areas where hoppers are failing, the department is collecting waste with workers pushing hand carts.
The SMC has also taken strict measures against individuals and businesses that have been caught polluting the roads. Some restaurant owners and others have been penalized for littering the roads. The SMC will continue to penalize anyone who breaks the law.
The SMC's efforts to become garbage- and open dumper-free are commendable, as the city has long struggled with waste management. Overflowing garbage dumps and open garbage dumps have not only caused a foul odor but also posed a major health risk to the locals.
The Chief Sanitation Officer has guaranteed that the SMC is committed to achieving the goal of keeping Srinagar garbage- and open dumper-free within the next two weeks. Residents of Srinagar have appreciated the SMC's initiative and expressed hope that it will be successful in keeping the city clean. Citizens have also been requested to help the SMC with this project by properly disposing of their trash and not littering on the roads.
The SMC's efforts to rid Srinagar of rubbish and open dumpers are admirable, and it is anticipated that the initiative will be effective in meeting its goal within the set timeframe. Srinagar residents must also contribute by assisting the SMC in this endeavor and ensuring that the city remains clean and sanitary.

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