SMC aims to achieve a waste-free city by removing dustbins, collection points
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SMC aims to achieve a waste-free city by removing dustbins, collection points

Majority of these collection points already shut 100 percent to be achieved soon: Officials

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Sunday, July 23, 2023

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Srinagar, July 22: The Srinagar Municipal Committee is leaving no stone unturned in its mission to transform the city into a waste-free and clean environment. In a proactive step towards achieving this goal, the corporation has initiated the removal of all open dustbins and garbage collection points in various parts of Srinagar.
Officials from the corporation stated that a significant number of these bins and collection points have already been taken down, and they are hopeful that the 100 percent target will be accomplished in the near future. 
The key focus of their efforts has been on achieving door-to-door waste collection, which has been successfully implemented, ensuring a more organized waste management system.
Despite the commendable progress, the corporation has encountered challenges with some individuals who are not cooperating with the waste disposal initiatives. Unfortunately, there are instances where people continue to discard waste at the locations where the bins have been removed. 
In response to such behavior, the corporation has taken strict actions, penalizing those responsible. Repeat violations could lead to the initiation of FIRs (First Information Reports) against the offenders.
In certain cases, the non-corporation from the public has been so pronounced that the corporation is considering reinstalling the bins at these locations to maintain a cleaner environment. However, the officials remain determined to make every effort to persuade the public to embrace proper waste disposal habits and cooperate with the waste-free city campaign.
With the upcoming Muharram procession, the corporation is paying special attention to cleanliness measures. Dedicated teams have been deployed on the ground to ensure that the city remains neat and tidy, particularly in the areas through which the processions will pass. 
This measure aims to maintain the sanctity of the religious event while also preserving the city's cleanliness, a senior official from corporation said.
The Srinagar Municipal Committee is urging citizens to recognize the importance of their collective responsibility in keeping the city clean and waste-free.

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