SKIMS nurse wins National Florence Nightingale Award for exceptional dedication, service
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SKIMS nurse wins National Florence Nightingale Award for exceptional dedication, service

Post by Junaid Manzoor Dar on Saturday, June 24, 2023

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Srinagar, June 23: Firdousa Jan, a remarkable nurse with over 21 years of unwavering dedication to the Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS), has been honored with the prestigious National Florence Nightingale award-2023. Hailing from the Chaar-e-Shareef area of Budgam, Firdousa's remarkable skills, dedication, and unwavering commitment to patient care have earned her this well-deserved recognition.
Firdousa's nursing journey began in 2002 at SKIMS, guided and motivated by her mother. Initially, she did not have a deep interest in the nursing profession, but her mother's encouragement and the belief that this path would bring blessings and prayers from those she served propelled her forward.
Despite the demands of being a mother to two children, Firdousa pursued her studies with unwavering determination, completing her Masters in Mental Health Nursing from SKIMS Soura. She now aspires to achieve a Ph.D.
In addition to her regular nursing duties, Firdousa has engaged in extensive research and writing, authoring enlightening articles on mental health illnesses and various general topics. Her work has been published in esteemed regional, national, and international publications, serving as a powerful medium to raise awareness and promote understanding. Alongside her responsibilities as a staff nurse, Firdousa demonstrated unwavering dedication to her research pursuits, authoring numerous research papers.
The Florence Nightingale award was presented to Firdousa in recognition of her exceptional contributions during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Her dedication extended beyond the crisis, as she provided invaluable services to underprivileged communities and slum areas, raising awareness about the perils of drug abuse and mental health issues.
"During the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath, I actively volunteered my services to foundations and NGOs, particularly in identifying the underprivileged sections of society," Firdousa said.
To address mental health issues and drug addiction, Firdousa organized numerous programs in educational institutions, shedding light on these critical concerns and offering strategies for effective management.
In addition to her achievements, Firdousa Jan has authored two comprehensive booklets titled "Palliative Care" and "Operating Room Nurse," which have garnered widespread appreciation and acclaim.
Receiving the Florence Nightingale award, Firdousa expressed her gratitude and said, "This award is a profound appreciation that further fuels my energy to work even harder for the betterment of society."
In her message to nurses, Firdousa emphasized that nursing is not just a profession but a calling that requires wholehearted dedication to serving and caring for others.
"Let us continue to work tirelessly, making a positive difference in the lives of those entrusted to our care. Our dedication and commitment have the power to heal and bring comfort to those in need," Firdousa said.
She considers this recognition as a responsibility to continue making a significant impact on the lives of others.
Firdousa attributes her success to the unwavering support of her family members and the guidance of her mentors, who have played an instrumental role in shaping her personality.
The National Florence Nightingale awards, initiated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, in 1973, aim to recognize the outstanding efforts of nursing professionals in the country. These prestigious accolades serve as a platform to acknowledge and commend the remarkable contributions made by nurses, inspiring them to persevere in their dedicated service and uphold high standards in patient care.

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