Six persons to face legal action for spreading false Information: Police 
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Six persons to face legal action for spreading false Information: Police 

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Srinagar, Dec 01: In a proactive move against the proliferation of misinformation and instigative content, Srinagar Police, in conjunction with Cyber Police Kashmir, has taken legal action against six individuals for spreading false information on Social Media.
A police officer said the charges include the dissemination of false information, instigative content aiming to incite disaffection, and engagement in anti-social propaganda through various social media platforms.
The law enforcement agencies, after careful examination, identified and initiated legal proceedings against the individuals involved in the propagation of content deemed detrimental to public order," the police officer said.
He said action is taken under relevant sections of the law to address the seriousness of false information and its potential to incite disunity.
Taking to the social media platform X, Srinagar Police issued a statement, saying, "Srinagar Police & Cyber Police Kashmir have taken cognizance against 06 individuals for the propagation of false information, instigative content inciting disaffection & anti-social propaganda on social media platforms. Legal action under relevant sections of the law has been taken." It said.
The police official also appeal to the common public, authorities emphasise the importance of refraining from sharing instigative, provocative, or misleading content.
The call to desist from participating in anti-social propaganda and rumour mongering serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to foster a safe and informed online environment.
The official said that as the legal process unfolds, the authorities are committed to addressing the challenges posed by the misuse of social media platforms.
"We are sending a clear message about the consequences of spreading false information and engaging in activities that could disturb the peace and harmony of the community," he added.