Significant drop in youth joining terrorism in J&K: DGP Dilbag Singh
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Significant drop in youth joining terrorism in J&K: DGP Dilbag Singh

Urges misguided youth to abandon terror & embrace peace

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Wednesday, October 25, 2023

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Srinagar, 24 Oct: Reiterating J&K UT's significant surge towards a peaceful and secure environment, the Director General of Police (DGP), Dilbag Singh on Tuesday said that the considerable decline in youth joining terrorism is a testament to the prevalence of peace, stability and security in the J&K UT.
The DGP appealed to the misguided youth who have taken the path of violence and terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, to reconsider their choices. He emphasised the potential for a more peaceful and secure life if they choose to lay down their arms and surrender to the security forces, he said.
Speaking to reporters in Handwara town in the north of Kashmir's Kupwara district, DGP Dilbag Singh underlined the significant shift towards peace that Jammu and Kashmir is currently experiencing.
He pointed out that only a small number of local youths have joined the ranks of terrorists this year, in sharp contrast to the previous year when a considerably larger number had taken this perilous path. This decrease in local youth embracing terrorism signifies a positive development for the region and is a testament to the increasing stability and security in Jammu and Kashmir, the police chief said.
DGP Dilbag Singh urged the misguided youth to choose peace over violence. He implored them to surrender, lay down their arms, and cooperate with the security forces.
 “The potential for a better and more peaceful life if they decide to take this path, highlighting the significance of this opportunity for their personal well-being and the stability of the region. This effort is part of ongoing initiatives aimed at promoting peace and security in the area,” he added.
DGP Singh said there is remarkable transformation unfolding in Jammu and Kashmir over the last five years, stating that terrorism has been nearly eradicated from the region. He expressed optimism that the few remaining active terrorists would likely be neutralized soon, paving the way for a sustained peace in the Union Territory.
Addressing the issue of Kupwara district being utilized as a narcotics route, DGP Singh appealed to the people of the district to recognize the harm caused by this practice, urging them to take the initiative to put an end to these illicit activities.
"It is regrettable that the people of the district should reflect upon this and understand that it is wrong. They should actively close down these routes themselves,” he added.

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