Shifting of sumo vehicle routes sparks inconvenience for passengers in Srinagar
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Shifting of sumo vehicle routes sparks inconvenience for passengers in Srinagar

Post by RK News on Friday, July 21, 2023

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Muskan Beigh 
Srinagar, July 20: The recent decision to shift Sumo routes from the city center to Iqbal Park by the traffic authority has caused significant inconvenience for commuters in Srinagar. Passengers are facing long walks and increased expenses, leading to disruptions in their daily lives.
A delegation of commuters expressed their dissatisfaction with the new arrangement, stating that they now have to walk long distances from their workplaces, colleges, and other destinations to reach the newly designated Sumo pickup locations. Some female passengers are forced to opt for auto-rickshaws, incurring additional costs to reach their desired destinations.
The absence of Sumos at Jahangir Chowk has severely impacted daily lives, leading to overcrowded buses that cause discomfort and suffocation for passengers. Female passengers, in particular, have voiced concerns about safety and comfort during their daily commutes.
The new route plan has also affected students who previously relied on direct Sumo routes to reach their educational institutions. With the change, students like Tanzeela Mir are now facing longer and more exhausting commutes, adding to their existing hardships, including ongoing road construction work.
SSP Traffic Srinagar, Muzaffer Ahmad Shah, clarified that the decision to halt Sumo vehicles at Iqbal Park and other designated locations is in compliance with a High Court's order implemented one and a half years ago. This directive restricts the entry of Sumo vehicles into Srinagar city, following specific routes as required by the court.
However, passengers and students are urging the authorities to promptly address their concerns and find a solution that ensures more convenience and accessibility for commuters.
The inconvenience caused by the shifting of Sumo routes highlights the need for careful planning and consideration of the impact on passengers' daily lives and ease of transportation in the city.

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