Shadows of Educational Experts
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Shadows of Educational Experts

Instilling confidence in the value of education is one of the most important roles that college teachers play

Post by DR. ASHWANI KUMAR on Sunday, October 8, 2023

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Experts are the identity of the abstract structure, and the popularity of the structure relies on their conditions. Teachers, as the experts of education, play a crucial role in shaping the future of education, and therefore, the conditions they work in, are of utmost importance.
There has been an increase in discussion on whether or not human college teachers are still necessary in this day and age of artificial intelligence (AI). Even though there are those who believe that teachers are no longer necessary due to the proliferation of digital technology and other sources of information, it is crucial to acknowledge that the job of teachers has developed to become even more significant and complicated. College teachers in modern-day Jammu and Kashmir are facing many difficult working conditions, including a lack of job security. The purpose of this piece is to shed light on the significant role that teachers play in directing the educational paths of their students and creating a love for learning in them.
Historically, the primary responsibilities of academics have been the dissemination of knowledge and the instruction of students in research. Students, on the other hand, currently have access to a great deal of information because of the proliferation of digital platforms. As a direct consequence of this, college teachers now play new roles, including those of academic companions, critical evaluators of various learning sources, and mentors. They play a crucial role in directing students according to their particular skills, promoting comprehension of difficult topics, and cultivating a passion for education in their pupils.
Instilling confidence in the value of education is one of the most important roles that college teachers play. Teachers are respected providers of information in this day and age when information is easily accessible but not always accurate or dependable. They are equipped with the knowledge and experience required to educate students in differentiating reputable and questionable sources, developing skills in critical thinking, and promoting a comprehensive comprehension of subject matter. The teachers who do this for their students help the students gain confidence in the learning process and foster a passion for studying that will last a lifetime.
Every single student has a unique history and a distinct set of intellectual capabilities, depending on where they came from. Teachers in colleges and universities play an important role in comprehending students' unique circumstances and providing individualized advice. They provide academic help, determine both strengths and shortcomings, and customize teaching approaches to accommodate a variety of learning styles. In their roles as guides and travel companions, professors provide students with the self-assurance they need to successfully traverse their educational journeys, which in turn enables them to surmount obstacles and realize their full potential.
In Jammu and Kashmir, many college teachers are facing unfavorable circumstances like contract employment with little job security and bureaucratic control over higher education institutions. It is regrettable that the government hires education experts at a meager salary for the colleges under the guise of academic arrangements; this demonstrates the government's casual attitude towards higher education. Both autonomy and the quality of education may suffer as a result of these issues. The popularity and quality of higher education may decline. Since higher education teacher's primary responsibility is to foster student faith, the current policy undermines experts' ability to do so. How could an under wage teacher foster student faith? These issues must be resolved in order to give college teachers a working environment that supports them and acknowledges the priceless contribution they make to society.
College teachers continue to play a crucial role in the educational environment, despite the advances that technology has made in the field. They have developed into academic companions, critical evaluators, and mentors, which instills faith in education and guides pupils down their own unique pathways. To ensure the sustained prosperity and excellent standard of higher education in Jammu and Kashmir, it is essential that the unfavorable working conditions experienced by college teachers be addressed. Students will be better equipped to survive in a world dominated by artificial intelligence if society acknowledges the significant role academics play in the educational process and continues to value education.
 (The Author is Assistant Professor of Sociology, Gurukashi University, Talwandi Sabo, Bathinda, Punjab and can be reached at:

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