Sewerage lines completed under Smart City Project in downtown: Div Com 
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Sewerage lines completed under Smart City Project in downtown: Div Com 

Roads to be black-topped soon

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Wednesday, August 30, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 29: In a significant stride towards urban development, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Vijay Kumar Bidhuri, Tuesday said that the completion of sewerage lines in downtown Srinagar has been completed under the smart city project.
The completion of this crucial phase will pave the way for the next step, the blacktopping of roads, ushering in a new era of modernization and improved infrastructure in the heart of the city. 
Speaking to reporters, Divisional Commissioner Vijay Kumar Bidhuri expressed his hope about the transformation underway. He drew parallels to the development of Lal Chowk, which has become a bustling hub after undergoing a similar transformation, citing that the forthcoming projects hold the same potential to captivate the city's residents.
While addressing the challenges posed by traffic congestion, smart city officials emphasized that efforts are being meticulously undertaken to enhance the Shere Khas area of Srinagar. In this pursuit, the officials are avoiding daytime inspections to minimize disruption caused by traffic.
He said the Smart City Project shared insights into the ongoing efforts to make Srinagar a wireless network haven. The spokesperson acknowledged the constraints imposed by bottlenecked roads, acknowledging that execution has been challenging. Nevertheless, with determination and steadfastness, the Smart City Project is progressing admirably in the Shere Khas area, as they strive to create a seamless and efficient urban environment. 
The spokesperson further highlighted that despite initial scepticism during the Lal Chowk stretch's development, the final result turned it into a tourism hotspot, reinforcing the idea that similar transformations will reshape perceptions of Lal Chowk and Polo View. These iconic sites will gradually fade into history as the focus shifts towards rejuvenating heritage sites and revitalizing the entire downtown area.
Residents of the downtown area have also voiced their optimism about the prestigious Smart City Project. Anticipating a major revamp of their surroundings, they eagerly look forward to a transformed urban landscape that combines modernity with the essence of heritage.

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