Severe water crisis hits Shivpora residents, forces them to rely on bottled water
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Severe water crisis hits Shivpora residents, forces them to rely on bottled water

Post by Junaid Manzoor Dar on Monday, July 3, 2023

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Srinagar, July 2: The residents of Shivpora in Srinagar are facing a grave water crisis for the past one and a half months, leaving them with no choice but to purchase bottled water for their drinking needs. The situation has sparked frustration among the locals, who are now demanding action from the Jal Shakti Department.
Taweef Ahmad, a resident of Shivpora, expressed his anguish, stating, "For the past 45 days, we have been struggling to secure potable water for our basic needs." He further added, "We are compelled to buy bottled water for drinking while the limited availability of tube well water is reserved for essential tasks." Ahmad questioned how a few liters of water could meet the needs of the residents, especially since water tankers only arrive every three days.
Protests against the Jal Shakti Department for its failure to provide regular water supply to the area have yielded no positive outcome, according to Molvi Mohammed Syed Peer, another local resident. He lamented that their pleas have fallen on deaf ears, forcing them to rely on contaminated tube well water for drinking purposes. Approximately two hundred households in the area are currently enduring these hardships.
In response to the situation, Inspector Waseem Ah of the Jal Shakti Department's city subdivision acknowledged the residents' sufferings in Shivpora. He explained that the water supply in the area relies on the Tangnor Water Supply Scheme, which is currently facing technical issues with its motors. The motors are being repaired at a workshop, and the issue has been raised with the Chief Engineer of the Jal Shakti Department. Inspector Ah expressed hope that the problem would be resolved soon.
The residents of Shivpora continue to grapple with the water crisis, urging swift action from the authorities to alleviate their hardships.



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