Self-styled doctor treats patients at LD, hospital issues alert to staff
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Self-styled doctor treats patients at LD, hospital issues alert to staff

Post by M Peerzada on Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Srinagar, Sep 20: A man, posing as a doctor, had been observed in the labor room of Kashmir's largest maternity hospital, Lal Ded, for three consecutive days while attending to female patients.
The hospital administration has initiated an investigation to determine how this impersonator managed to make unauthorized entry into the hospital despite tight security. The man in question was apprehended by the Jammu and Kashmir Police on Tuesday.
Medical Superintendent, LD hospital, Dr Muzaffer Sherwani said the fake doctor was found in the hospital after its employees raised questions about the doctors’ whereabouts and presence.
“He could not prove his identity and he is not associated with GMC or LD hospital. When we found something suspicious, we immediately called the Rajbagh Police Station and he was apprehended,” he said.
Notably, the impersonator was found in the hospital’s labor room, where he conducted rounds and examined patients just like a normal doctor on duty.
The MS said that during the initial questioning at the LD, the fake doctor has identified himself as Dr Aabid from Ganderbal district and claimed to be a cardiologist.
However, subsequent verification from the medical college’s daily roster failed to confirm his identity. “When asked for documentation, he was unable to provide any. Consequently, we alerted the police, who detained him,” Dr Sherwani said.
As per the employees of the hospital, the fake doctor has examined seriously ill patients and issued prescriptions as well which has also raised eyebrows from the attendants of patients.
The MS said that following the incident, the hospital administration has issued strict instructions for all the employees to be more vigilant and check identity of visitors.
“We have issued clear instructions that no one, even if they possess a medical qualification, should be granted access to the wards unless they are listed on the daily roster,” he said.
The MS also said now they would not allow anyone in the hospital and its premises without showing the identity card and the hospital has given clear instructions in this regard.
“I salute my employees and staff who identified him in the shortest possible time and alerted me. I am very thankful to them and I really appreciate them,” he said.
Meanwhile, police have summoned the individual’s family to the police station and they are awaiting medical documentation to assess his mental condition. Contrary to earlier reports, the individual was identified him as a resident of Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.

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