Self Employment
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Self Employment

Post by RK News on Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is blessed with immeasurable beauty and potential. With a new dawn, it's time that we shift our focus towards a sustainable solution of growing unemployment i.e. promoting self-employment and entrepreneurship. Many experts are of the opinion that there is a dire need to find alternatives that can open up new paths and explore new fields of economic activity. Howsoever complex the structure of modern day economy may be, fact remains that the basics of economic activity remain the same. Coordination between human and material resources is still the real engine of any economy. In that regard self-employment has a dual advantage. It not only provides livelihoods but also contributes to economic growth, creating a virtuous cycle of development. A shift in this direction could be instrumental in transforming the socio-economic landscape of Jammu and Kashmir. It's no secret that Jammu and Kashmir is a treasure trove of natural resources, cultural heritage, and human potential. Handicrafts, horticulture, tourism, information technology, and small-scale industries present an enormous opportunity for self-employment. The handicraft sector, particularly, holds immense promise. The UT is renowned for its unique and intricate arts and crafts such as Pashmina shawls, Carpets, Paper Mache, and Walnut Wood products. By providing the right training, tools, and market linkages, we can help individuals build sustainable businesses around these crafts. Likewise, Jammu and Kashmir's horticulture sector, known for its apples, walnuts, saffron, and other produce, can also be leveraged. Encouraging individuals to start their own small-scale processing units for jams, jellies, juices, and other value-added products could create a ripple effect of economic benefits. Further, tourism, another pillar of the UT’s economy, can further be tapped into. By facilitating the creation of homestays, travel agencies, adventure sports facilities, or local tour guiding services, we can generate self-employment while promoting the rich cultural and natural heritage of Jammu and Kashmir. The digital revolution and the growing IT sector can also be harnessed to empower the youth. By developing digital literacy and providing access to resources, we can create a hub of freelancers, programmers, digital marketers, and content creators in the region. To make this transition to self-employment, we need a robust support system. This includes access to easy credit, skill development programs, mentoring, and marketing support. The government, NGOs, and private sector must come together to create an ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurship and self-employment. The Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI) has already been working in this direction, but the scale should be magnified manifold, and its reach should be extended to the most remote areas. Promoting self-employment in Jammu and Kashmir is not just a solution to unemployment; it's a way of harnessing the UT’s potential, preserving its cultural heritage, and creating a resilient economy. The true wealth of Jammu and Kashmir lies in its people. Our youth should not waste time in changing their minds and approaching the issue of unemployment in a new and creative way. They must try to understand that getting a Govt job is not the end of the world. This world is full of opportunities provided we create our own destiny by investing in a sustainable future.

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