Self-diagnosis is not a good idea
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Self-diagnosis is not a good idea

Post by RK News on Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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Winter in Kashmir is always harsh and brings many hardships to the common people. Besides bringing miseries and worries, winter takes a toll on the health as well. During winters most of the people in the valley suffer from common cold and flu. And in order to get rid of the illness many people buy prescription drugs like antibiotics and antivirals without consulting a doctor and plunge into self-medication. Medical experts are of the opinion that medicines have become a household commodity in the valley mainly to due to higher rate of self-medication. Although from time to time medical experts are warning people from taking self-medication but still majority of the people in the valley prefer to buy medicines without consulting medical experts. This is a grave concern and needs immediate attention. Today, a common person knows about several medications, administration of drugs and names of medicines, generic as well as branded. This is a universal phenomenon and not just a case in Jammu and Kashmir or anywhere else in India or any state outside India. Expanding knowledge about medicines and administrations has in fact helped governments as it has reduced the dependency on the concerned institutions and therefore governments. This phenomenon of self-medication has been rather used to tackle certain type of emergencies where a qualified health expert like doctor cannot reach on time or a patient cannot avail needed medical care immediately. However, self-medication is also fraught with dangers. It is a common practice now that pharmaceutical units produce two types of medicines and drugs – over the counter medicine and prescription drugs. Over the counter medicines sold may be used as self-medication but prescription drugs are only meant for selling to those who have been instructed or advised by a qualified authority. As people learn about diseases and medicines many try to self-apply this information or suggest it to others. For minor problems it may serve the purpose but it is a danger for a non-qualified to advise and suggest a person any drug or medicine. Self-diagnosis is not a good idea and people should consult doctors and seek help from practitioners. In J&K, medicine stores, also called chemist shops, are often found selling prescription drugs without checking the prescriptions. Antibiotics are sold to anybody who can speak out the name on the selling counter. Self-medication and use of broad-spectrum antibiotics has become common. But as health experts have been warning, it is a dangerous trend as their overuse reduces efficacy and makes infections or disease-causing agents resistant. There has to be strong regulation on the use of antibiotics and on self-medication. In other cases, as we know, wrong diagnosis and drug administration can cause adverse reactions in a patient and therefore put his life at risk. The government does an extensive campaign on many diseases like polio, malaria, dengue, hepatitis infections, etc. It should also tackle the menace of self-medication that is prevalent in the valley.   

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