Seismic complacence
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Seismic complacence

Post by RK News on Tuesday, February 14, 2023

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Whenever an earthquake strikes any part of the world it makes us to confront the harsh reality, that of standing on shaky grounds classed as seismic zones IV and V. The memories of earthquakes bring with them some bone chilling experiences – for instance the devastated pictures of Turkey-Syria earthquake in which more than 20,000 people died and many thousands became homeless and displaced. In the last ten years, the valley has felt many tremors but not to the degree that was observed back in 2005 earthquake. Ever since the day earth shook terribly from underneath us, we are being consistently reminded of Kashmir falling in the seismically vulnerable zone and hence prone to such shakings. Our subject experts have been raising the alarm bells every now and then, and sometimes we come across references to safety measures from administration also. But all this has a transitory effect on us and we keep moving ahead completely forgetting the warnings that anytime an intense earthquake can turn our dwellings topsy-turvy. In any conscious society and an alert administration things are measured and responses are built well in advance. In our case we let the things happen, react over them once they happen and then it all remains unchanged. Experts are of the opinion that there is a dire need to sensitize the general public about seismic activity and how to build earthquake resistant structures. Unfortunately, most of the times people prefer to have a blindfold and disregard building norms as new structures up to six floors or storeys seems to have become a norm. People don’t think the issue is serious enough and flout the rules, building norms just like the concerned authorities.  If the administration can help in disseminating information about how to raise structures that can reduce the damage during any calamity that would have significant dividends in terms of saving the life and property of people in the wake of a major quake that some geologists believe will strike the region sooner or later. Natural disasters are not going to cease but how governments deal with the loss and destruction by having an effective disaster management plan beforehand and sustaining the zeal can surely minify the after effects. Strong political will and public cooperation must go hand in hand to ensure success of disaster management plans. Without any further delay, the government must work on proactive and effective disaster management measures lest we find ourselves helpless at the hands of nature.

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