Secy RDD calls for penalising littering to boost sanitation
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Secy RDD calls for penalising littering to boost sanitation

Javid Sofi

Post by Javid Sofi on Monday, October 2, 2023

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Pulwama, Oct 01: "After establishing infrastructure for solid waste management, we have reached a stage where the administration needs to start penalising littering," Commissioner Secretary of the Rural Development Department, Mandeep Kaur, announced this on Sunday in Pampore town in South Kashmir's Pulwama district.
She was speaking to the media after participating in a district-level Swachhata Hi Seva (SHS) event at Chatlam wetland.

She mentioned that district sanitation committees have ensured door-to-door collection of solid waste, the construction of segregation sheds, and plastic management units.
"The government has generously provided financial support to facilitate these essential initiatives,"
Commissioner Secretary Mandeep Kaur stated, emphasising the importance of the local community actively embracing this infrastructure for responsible and judicious use.
Mandeep Kaur further emphasized that effective waste management is an ongoing process that requires active community involvement.
"The overarching goal is not just to capture fleeting photo opportunities but to cultivate a profound sense of awareness among the public, " she said.
Drawing a parallel with international travel practices, she highlighted how individuals refrain from littering abroad due to the fear of penalties.
She believes that India should foster a similar sense of responsibility and awareness among its population, enabling them to understand the paramount importance of maintaining cleanliness in their surroundings.
She noted that the ongoing nationwide program led by the Prime Minister goes beyond symbolism.
"Its primary purpose is to instill this crucial awareness and consciousness among citizens across the nation," she said, adding that the country has entered a transformative phase where the administration needs to begin penalising those who continue to litter.
She emphasized that this shift towards stricter cleanliness enforcement is the joint responsibility of both the public and the administration.
She said that while awareness campaigns have played an instrumental role in this journey, citizens must use their awareness to discourage others from littering and ensure maximum sanitation in their surroundings.

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