Second Edition of Pagah Theatre Festival culminates with spectacular theatrical brilliance
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Second Edition of Pagah Theatre Festival culminates with spectacular theatrical brilliance

Post by RK News on Monday, July 17, 2023

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Srinagar, July 17: The highly anticipated Pagah Theatre Festival Second Edition 2023, presented by Vomedh in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture, and Languages (JKAACL), reached its grand finale on Monday at Tagore Hall in Srinagar. 
The festival, which commenced on July 10, showcased an extraordinary lineup of performances, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir through the power of theatre. The highlight of the second edition was the focus on folk theatre along with contemporary modern theatre. The encouragement that the folk artists received through the second edition of Pagah was highly appreciated by artists fraternity in Kashmir. 
The closing day of the festival was graced by the presence of Khalid Tufail, General Secretary of Kashmir Province (DPAP), who attended as the esteemed Chief Guest. Tufail's presence added a touch of honor and distinction to the event, emphasizing the importance of promoting and preserving the arts in the region.
The play staged on the final day was "Mouj," presented by the renowned Mehak Dramatic Club. Under the direction of Farhat Sidiqi, "Mouj" offered a captivating exploration of emotions, presenting a poignant narrative that resonated deeply with the audience. The performance showcased the exceptional talent of the actors and the dedication of the entire production team.
Reflecting on the success of the festival, Rakesh Roshan Bhat, Festival Director of Vomedh, expressed his gratitude, stating, "The Pagah Theatre Festival has once again exceeded our expectations, offering a platform for the diverse artistic expressions of Kashmir. We are immensely proud of the incredible talent showcased throughout the week, and we thank all the participating groups for their exceptional performances."
Rohit Bhat, Festival Director and Founder/President of Vomedh, added, "The overwhelming response from the audience and the support of our esteemed guests have made this festival a resounding success. It has been a privilege to witness the celebration of our cultural heritage through the medium of theatre, and we are grateful to all who have contributed to its success."
The closing day also marked a special felicitation ceremony, where the exceptional contributions of artists and theatre groups were acknowledged and celebrated. Chief Guest Khalid Tufail presented awards and expressed his appreciation for the immense talent and dedication demonstrated by the performers.
As the festival comes to a close, it is worth reflecting on the remarkable plays staged throughout the week. From the captivating "Bakarwaal Paather" by Kashmir Bhagat Theatre to the thought-provoking "Raze Pather" by Dilkash Folk Theatre, each performance showcased the richness and diversity of Kashmiri theatre. The audience was treated to a range of compelling productions, including "Darze Pather" by Nund-I-Reshi Folk Theatre, "Mokjar" by SMS Cultural Forum, "Bochi" by Feroze Cultural Forum, and "Mele Kane" by Azad Dramatic Cultural Club. Each play brought to life unique stories and themes, leaving an indelible impact on the hearts and minds of the attendees.

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