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Post by Farzana Syed on Sunday, October 1, 2023

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In 2015, a three year old Syrian boy, Ian Kurdi drowned to death while his displaced family was trying to escape war torn Syria and reach Europe. The little boy's death not only devastated and shocked the entire humanity but also reflected the awful state of affairs that befell over the Syrians after the peaceful country transformed into a dreadful war zone.

Ian Kurdi's death moved the world in a deeper way, reinforcing a sense of helplessness and destitute faced by Syrians worn and torn by the devastation rendered by the war.

In his book 'Sea Prayer', the award winning author, Khaled Hosseini has chronicled the events in a response to the death of three year old Syrian refugee boy Alan Kurdi.

Written in the form of a letter and a poetic manner the book reflects a powerful prose wherein the author begins by contrasting the narrator-father’s peaceful childhood in a place called Homs, followed by the transition of the country into a ghastly war zone and the unfolding experiences thereafter .

The author writes the letter a night before they are about to embark on a dangerous journey across the sea to reach Europe. The letter is written as he watches over his sleeping son.

The book depicts an account of their life in Homs, Syria, before the war rendered the country in an appalling state.

Khaled Hosseini begins the poem as a father talking to his son about his own childhood.

The father and his family are preparing for a journey as Hosseini pens down the emotions a night before taking the dangerous journey.

The heartwarming, emotional read aims at both children and adults and moves a person in the deepest possible manner through the intricate form of writing by Khaled Hosseini forcing a reader to cease emotionally and ponder.

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