R.P. School Malla Bagh student excels in Mahatma Gandhi quiz competition
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R.P. School Malla Bagh student excels in Mahatma Gandhi quiz competition

Post by RK News on Friday, September 22, 2023

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Srinagar, Sep 23: In a remarkable display of intellect and knowledge, Muntaha Farooq Banday, an 8th-grade student from R.P. School (Girls) Malla Bagh, Srinagar, secured the first position in the Mahatma Gandhi Quiz Competition, organized by the Department of School Education, Kashmir. The competition took place today at S.P. Higher Secondary School, Srinagar.
Muntaha Farooq Banday's outstanding performance left the audience in awe as she clinched the top spot in the prestigious event, showcasing her exceptional grasp of Mahatma Gandhi's life and philosophy.
In addition to Muntaha's triumph, another student from R.P. School (Girls), Sabiya Vakil, a 10th-grade student, secured the third place in the symposium on Truth and Non-Violence, held in conjunction with the competition.
Mohammad Shabir, the Chief Education Officer of Srinagar, who presided as the Guest of Honour, showered both students with praise for their remarkable achievements. In his closing remarks, Shabir commended Muntaha Farooq Banday for her extraordinary knowledge and dedication to the subject matter, emphasizing the importance of promoting such academic excellence in the district.
The remarkable performance of these students from R.P. School (Girls) Malla Bagh once again highlights the institution's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering academic excellence in Srinagar's educational landscape.

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