Royal Bengal Tigers set to steal the show at Jambu Zoo
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Royal Bengal Tigers set to steal the show at Jambu Zoo

Post by RK News on Friday, November 17, 2023

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JAMMU, NOV 16: A pair of regal 9-year-old Royal Bengal Tigers, India's National Animal, is set to make a grand entrance at Jambu Zoo today, arriving from Aringar Anna Zoological Park in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
This noteworthy addition is part of a strategic animal exchange program, wherein ambu Zoo has exchanged a pair of Himalayan Black Bears for the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers.
Renowned for their magnificence, the Royal Bengal Tiger stands as one of the largest, fiercest, and most powerful members of the Big Cat family. Each tiger boasts a distinctive stripe pattern, aiding in easy identification during tiger censuses. The 2023 Tiger Census reports a thriving tiger population of approximately 3,167 in India's forests, representing over 75% of the global tiger population.
The Tigers will be accommodated in a meticulously designed enclosure at Jambu Zoo, spanning over 4500 square meters and adhering to the Central Zoo Authority's norms. The enclosure features water ponds, machans, and heating and ventilation facilities to ensure the well-being of the Tigers in extreme weather conditions. Following a week-long quarantine, the Tigers will be released into the paddock for public viewing.
This introduction of the Royal Bengal Tiger pair is anticipated to be a captivating highlight at Jambu Zoo, promising delight for visitors of all ages, particularly children, wildlife enthusiasts, and other guests.  

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