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Ronak Habib listened to her heart for modeling despite criticism

Ronak Habib, 21, is a young model from Kashmir valley who always dreams to achieve higher feats in her line of career.

Post by on Sunday, June 20, 2021

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Natika Bhat

Ronak Habib, 21, is a young model from Kashmir valley who always dreams to achieve higher feats in her line of career.

The young model hailing from Srinagar’s Lal Chowk area started her modelling career four years back in 2017 when she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree.

“Modelling has always been my passion. Since my childhood I was interested in acting and modelling and wanted to make a career out of it,” says Ronak.

The model has worked in various Kashmiri album songs. She has recently featured in Kashmiri song albums “Karith Bewafayi” and “Taqdeer” with Kashmiri singer Ishfaq Kawa.

Recollecting her past, Ronak says, “Back in 2017, I got a call from one of the make-up artists to do the bridal shoot. Being passionate about modelling, I wanted to grab the opportunity so I talked to my parents about it,” she added.

 “When I told my mother about the shoot, she had some reservations. She was worried that society would think bad about my choice. However, my father has always been supportive, and he did the same that time also. He extended his unconditional support and allowed me to choose the field of my choice. He is the reason for my success,” recalled the model.

Ronak Habib always wanted to inspire people, especially girls by setting up an example with her work. She wants girls to be allowed to do something substantial in their lives to make their families proud.

“I want every girl to take a stand and never bother about what anyone thinks of her. The girls should focus on their dreams and try to work hard to achieve them, not what everyone else thinks of them,” says Ronak.

In her initial days of modeling career, Ronak had to face stiff resistance from certain quarters of the society. However, she stood strong and continued to follow her dream.

“In the beginning, I wasn’t getting a good response from people. They used to talk bad about me, but I never paid attention to them and I never gave up. I worked harder every time they opposed me to achieve my dream.”

Now the young model has won the hearts of millions with her modeling and acting skills and the same people have started warming up to her.

“Now people have started appreciating me for my hard work and dedication.”

Ronak wants to be the inspiration for those girls who want to come into this field but because of the lack of support from their parents are not able to choose it.

“I want to inspire people by my work to choose this field. I want parents to support their daughters in fulfilling their dreams,” says Ronak.

Her advice to everyone is that no matter what people think or talk about, a person should always stay focused towards his/her goal and work hard to achieve it.

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