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Role of Tour Operators in Kashmir Tourism industry

Role of Tour Operators in Kashmir Tourism industry

Post by on Friday, June 11, 2021

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Tour operators/travel agents need a proper handholding or else a place like Kashmir can't prosper as a tourism destination




Tourism industry has over the years emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in India and it is unarguably a major contributor towards the economic growth of J&K and biggest sector for generating employment.


There are numerous factors associated with travellers need to travel which may vary from leisure to business. But most of the times taking care of the travel arrangements could be a challenging task especially when a traveller is exposed to a huge market comprising of offline agents and online portals that boast personalized services exclusive holiday packages and discounts. In such a scenario, tour operator plays a major role by taking care of the customer needs. They maintain a remarkable hold in driving people to travel, thereby recording their role as destination promoters.


Primarily accountable for delivering comprehensive travel solutions, tour operators are recognized as the industry experts who look after each and every aspect pertaining to travel. Their job does not end at selling a product but continues throughout customer’s journey. To provide guaranteed hassle-free travel experience, they connect with the vendors directly so as to accommodate a wide range of travellers as per specified needs. Although they have predefined roles in the industry, but in order to build a reputation, they extend their helping-hand to keep the human connect intact. Needless to say, their impeccable customer service accounts for a substantial rise in tourism sector. Given how complex the travel planning gets, a tour operator diligently works round the clock to liberate you from any inconvenience.


It's a proven fact that Kashmir Tourism industry not only contributes to our GDP but it creates lakhs of jobs directly or indirectly. Hence proved that Tour operators are an important component of industry and they are undoubtedly the destination promoters.


But unfortunately the role of this important component of tourism industry in Kashmir has not been recognized so far. Tour operator is the promoter of a hotelier, a house boat, a cab driver, a pony wala, a handcraft seller, a Shikara wala but sadly their role has always been ignored.


From times immemorial, when Kashmir was rightly described by Mughal Emperor Jehangir as paradise of earth, tour operators have been using different marketing tools to put across a word across globe and aware people that there is a place which offers tourists a complete travelling experience and the place is known as Kashmir.


Lately because of growth of tour operators in Kashmir, tremendous response from Indian travel market was witnessed. It is just because the local tour operators have been inviting travellers by participating in various travel/Exhibition marts and by running their promotional campaigns through social, electronic and print media. In order to make Tourism industry a flourishing business, various stakeholders associated with Tourism, above all the Government should encourage these destination promoters by recognizing their role.


Now is the opportune time to appreciate the collaborative and supportive nature of the tour operators. It's a known fact that Kashmir Tourism is in dire straits craving for a support from travel associations and government for resources, support and handholding. Tour operators/travel agents need a proper handholding or else a place like Kashmir can't prosper as a tourism destination.


(Author is student of Tourism. She's also associated with a Srinagar based Travel Company)


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