Road connectivity and rural development
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Road connectivity and rural development

Post by RK News on Tuesday, May 23, 2023

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While inaugurating different developmental projects including road network projects for both Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday, the Honorable Lieutenant Governor Shri Manoj Sinha highlighted the importance of road connectivity to the rural areas by saying that, “Majority of the road infrastructure projects will build a road to prosperity and well- being to the citizens in far flung areas”. He also reassured about the commitment of the J&K administration to uplift the tourism potential and to connect important commercial centers in the entire UT. It is a fact that rural development is central to the overall development of any country. Since majority of our people come from villages, development in these areas can improve things significantly. If it remains confined to only cities, then the concept of development is not only incomplete, but essentially exploitative. Unfortunately, our rural population is facing many problems and difficulties as they were facing decades ago. In many of the villages there is no road connectivity, no clean and safe drinking water and other basic amenities including health and sanitation are missing. Also, in many rural areas there is complete lack of communication between people and the concerned departments; people aren’t informed about the various schemes which the government has started for the welfare and betterment of the rural population. What are reasons for this break of communication between the two ends? Why the people are not informed at the right time. There are a number of ways through which we can get over this barrier; first try to approach the people in whatever way the concerned departments can, organize programmes wherein people can participate and then disseminate the information about the various proposals and schemes that the government intends to start for the common good of the rural people. Government and the concerned authorities should try to strike rapport with rural population and take them into confidence so that they don’t hesitate in approaching the concerned officials. Government needs to accelerate rural development of the UT more particularly in the valley. Given the level of existing infrastructure available in rural areas, there are host of areas that need the push for bringing the rural development within acceptable levels. The present governments ongoing development works will bolster the rural development to the new heights and can a go a long way in making Jammu and Kashmir a self reliant Union Territory.  





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