Road accidents, addressing risk factors
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Road accidents, addressing risk factors

Post by RK News on Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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In a tragic road accident, two persons including a traffic police officer lost their lives in Maloora area of Srinagar outskirts on Monday afternoon. The accident took place when a speeding truck got out of the control and skidded off the road leaving two people dead on the spot. Over the years, the soaring numbers of road accidents are more than just statistics; they are a stern reminder of our collective failure to uphold safety and security on our roads.  Despite the government and traffic authorities proactive measures to ensure complying of road safety measures, a large number of people in Kashmir continue to flout the rules. It is a fact that road safety has received a lot of attention in the last few years, mostly because hundreds of lives are lost each year in horrible road accidents. The yearly death toll by fatal accidents would compel any government to take definitive steps. A number of factors, underlying causes of road accidents have been identified like inadequate road infrastructure, precarious terrains, non-adherence to traffic rules, and a glaring lack of awareness about road safety. The solution, therefore, must be comprehensive, addressing each contributing element to this escalating crisis. The government has a crucial role to play in that regard by taking concrete steps to improve the quality of roads and infrastructure, especially in areas with difficult terrains. Regular maintenance and appropriate signage must be enforced, and blind curves and accident-prone zones should be adequately marked. Many accidents could be prevented if only the traffic rules were sincerely followed. Speed limit violations, reckless driving, and non-use of helmets or seat belts are all preventable causes of accidents. The traffic police must clamp down on these violations with stringent penalties. To make a lasting impact, there is a strong need to focus on education and awareness. Schools and colleges could incorporate traffic safety lessons into their curriculum. Traffic department and NGOs should conduct workshops and campaigns, enlightening the public about the potential dangers of negligent driving and emphasizing the importance of road safety. Regular checks for vehicle fitness and mandatory servicing can prevent many mishaps caused by mechanical failures. The traffic department should ensure strict adherence to these checks and take severe actions against the defaulters. Also, prompt and efficient medical aid can significantly reduce fatalities in the aftermath of an accident. The government needs to invest in improving its emergency services, ensuring that medical help reaches accident victims within the golden hour- the critical period following a traumatic injury. It is a fact that accidents happen, although government or any agency for that matter may try to minimize the chances, they are inevitable. But what governments can do is to ensure that lives of people are saved even if accidents do happen. Road safety isn't just a policy; it's a responsibility we owe to each other.

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