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Rissala electric motors to launch electric automobiles in JK soon

Dealership enquires will be entertained after the soft launch.

Post by on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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Rissala Electric Motors which is one of a leading electric vehicles manufacturing company with the largest manufacturing facility of EVs in the country, the company has been set up the elite and high profile professionals, intending to launch their electric automobiles under their brand name of EVOLET in JK UT soon.

Rissala motors which is one of India’s largest premium manufacturers of electric scooters, sports bikes, all terrain vehicles,  electric buses, electric auto’s loader & passenger, electric tractors weeder & also their upcoming segment of electric cars

CEO Rissala motors MD Prerana Chaturvedi said,   while perceiving the fragile ecosystem and clean environment in the valley the introduction of electrical vehicless is of high priority. It is imperative that the the people to shift to electric vehicles as it is the need of the hour and the future of the automobile industry in the world

While talking to Ajay Ahlawat, founder of the company revealed that soft launch of evelot automobiles is expected in  in 2nd week of February and a formal launch by ending February 2021

Dealership enquires will be entertained after the soft launch. 

In this direction,a low investment module is  formulated specially created for JK enterpreumer as a special dispensation as compared to the other states of the country. It is my earnest desire that the young entrepreneur Should come forward and open dealership in JK UT. said Ajay ahlawat, a world class Polo player who has represented India in three world cups & over 80 countries across the world. The best electric vehicles have been developed in close association with USA & Germany and being produced in India.

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