Risk factors and Symptoms for Preeclampsia?
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Risk factors and Symptoms for Preeclampsia?

Post by on Wednesday, January 12, 2022

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Who is at risk for preeclampsia?

1.A first-time mom

2.Previous experience with gestational hypertension or preeclampsia

3.Women whose sisters and mothers had preeclampsia

4.Women carrying multiple babies

5.Women younger than 20 years and older than age 40

6.Women who had high blood pressure or kidney disease prior to pregnancy

7.Women who are obese or have a BMI of 30 or greater

What are the symptoms?

1.Preeclampsia sometimes develops without any symptoms.High blood pressure may develop slowly,or it may have a sudden onset.Monitoring your blood pressure is an important part of prenatal care because the first sign of preeclampsia is commonly a rise in blood pressure.

2.Mild preeclampsia:high blood pressure,water retention,and protein in the urine(Proteinuria).

3.Severe preeclampsia: severe headaches,blurred vision,inability to tolerate bright light,fatigue,nausea/vomiting,decreased urine output,upper abdominal pain usually under your ribs on right side,shortness of breath caused by fluid accumulation in your lungs,and tendency to bruise easily because of decreased platelet counts in your blood(thrombocytopenia),impaired liver function.

What to do


Contact your physician immediately if you experience blurred vision,severe headaches,abdominal pain,and/or urinating very infrequently.Your physician may also perform other tests that include: checking your urine levels,kidney and blood-clotting functions; an ultrasound scan to check your baby’s growth;and Doppler scan to measure the efficiency of blood flow to the placenta.

 Dr Khalid ur Rehman,

MD Physician, Medical Officer J&K Health Services 

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