Restoring Srinagar's heritage, one facade at a time: CEO Smart city
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Restoring Srinagar's heritage, one facade at a time: CEO Smart city

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Srinagar, Sep 27: In an endeavour to preserve and rejuvenate the rich cultural heritage of Srinagar's Downtown area, the Srinagar Smart City project has embarked on a series of transformative initiatives. Led by CEO Smart City Srinagar, Athar Amir Khan, this project seeks to breathe new life into the historic heart of the city.
CEO of Smart City Srinagar, Athar Amir Khan, expressed his hope, saying, "The treasure that’s our old city. The architecture, the language, and the history are priceless. We hope to bring this heritage back to life as part of the ongoing Smart City work. We are restoring srinagar's heritage and one work will be executed at one time the followed by same." 
One of the standout projects under the Srinagar Smart City initiative is the facade restoration of the Beaupar Mandal and other buildings in the old Maharaj Gunj Market, Bohri Kadal, and Zainakadal Markets. This project, alongside other infrastructure developments in Sheher e Khas, is dedicated to rekindling the vibrancy of Srinagar's old heritage markets, CEO added.
As we witness the bustling streets of Downtown Srinagar slowly but surely being infused with new life, it becomes evident that SrinagarSmartCity is not just a project; it's a testament to the city's resilience, history, and unwavering commitment to its unique heritage. With every brick laid, every facade restored, and every street revitalized, Srinagar is inching closer to reclaiming its rightful place as a jewel in India's cultural crown, Khan maintained
With projects spanning across Nowhatta, Malaratta, Naqshbandi Sahab, Saraf Kadal, Rajouri Kadal, Gojwara, Jamia Masjid streets, Maharajganj, Zainakadal, Alikadal, Nawdakadal-Nawbazar, Pather Masjid, and more, Srinagar's cherished heritage is on the path to restoration.
The ongoing work is nothing short of a visual marvel, as streetscape improvement, drainage, and sewerage infrastructure enhancement, rationalization of electric and communication utilities, facade restoration, lighting and illumination, and the introduction of public amenities are all being meticulously executed. What makes this project even more special is that it is primarily driven by the skilled hands of local craftsmen, preserving not just the city's historic architecture but also its traditions and craftsmanship.

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