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Residential house, shop gutted in separate fire incidents in Srinagar

Post by on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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Srinagar, Feb 21: A double-storied residential house and a shop were completely gutted in separate fire incidents in Srinagar on Monday.
A two-storey residential house caught fire at 9:45 am in the Dachigam locality of Srinagar. Soon after the incident, the people present swung into action and were immediately joined by the firemen.
The residents said the double-storied house belonging to former DIPR director Farooq Ahmad Renzu was completely gutted and property worth lakhs was gutted into ashes in the incident. 
In the blaze, matting, furniture, and other items were completely gutted.
The family and the locals have urged the district administration to compensate them for the losses.
In another separate fire incident, an electronic appliance shop wasgutted in a fire incident in the Ganpatyar area of Habakadal, resulting in the damage of the shop.
The eyewitness said the massive fire erupted in the commercial building and the shop was completely gutted in the incident.
They also said goods worth lakhs were also damaged in the blaze.
However, the identity of the affected shopkeeper was not known.
Confirming the fire incidents, an official of fire and emergency told Rising Kashmir that at 10, they received a call from the Dachigam area, and soon after the call, the firemen reached the scene to douse the flames.
He said at 11:10 a.m. they received another call from Habakadal, where a shop had caught fire.
He continued the fire in both places, bringing them under control to prevent further spread.
On being asked about the cause of the fire, the initial reports suggest that the fire was caused by short circuits.
However, no one was injured in the fire incident, the officer added.

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