Renzushah presides over Shah Shams Faqeer Conference, celebrates tasawwuf revolution
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Renzushah presides over Shah Shams Faqeer Conference, celebrates tasawwuf revolution

Post by RK News on Monday, July 17, 2023

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Srinagar, July 16: Farooq Renzushah, Chairman of Kashmir Society International and Jamaat Aitqaad Hanafia International, presided over the Shah Shams Faqeer conference held at Boni Bagh Park, Srinagar. The conference was organized by the Faqeer Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Foundation, Shams Faqeer Cultural Welfare Society, and Jamaat Aitqaad Hanfiya International.
During the conference, Renzushah highlighted the significance of Fiqa and communal unity in Kashmir, emphasizing the legacy of Sufi Mashrab and Hanafi Maslak in the region. He praised the contributions of Faqeer Sheikh Abdullah, a prominent figure in the world of Tasawwuf and Mysticism, whose books have become symbols of enlightenment.
Addressing a diverse audience from all over Kashmir, Renzushah recounted the rich spiritual history of the region, which has remained "Nasha Mukt" (free from intoxication) for over 700 years. He highlighted the profound impact of Sufi saints, such as Hazrat Sultan Sader ud Deen Renchanshah and Hazrat Bulbulshah, who promoted mutual love and brotherhood among the people of Kashmir.
The event also celebrated the recent Tasawwuf Revolution of July 13, 2023, which took place in Srinagar and was followed by a similar movement in Sopore, led by Hazrat Rahim Sahib. This revolution showcased the resilience and vibrancy of Sufi Mashrab and Hanafi Maslak in the region, reiterating the enduring presence of these spiritual traditions in Kashmir.
The conference witnessed the release of two grand books on Tasawwuf, authored by Jenab Aziz Sahib of Ganderbal and Zaheen Ali, which further enriched the knowledge of spiritual seekers. Distinguished scholars and notable personalities, including Ex-Director Doordarshan Salam Bajad and S.P. Verma Padma Bhushan, were present at the event. S.P. Verma spoke passionately about Hindu-Muslim unity and regional brotherhood, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and understanding.
The occasion also saw the recognition and awarding of Faqeer Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and other dignitaries for their significant contributions to the world of Tasawwuf.
As the rain poured down, creating a spiritually charged atmosphere, various speakers and performers recited verses from the works of renowned Awaliyas, based on Hadith and Quran, further enhancing the spiritual ambiance of the gathering.
Renzushah expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the spiritual delegation from Sopore, who had traveled to the event to showcase the reawakening of Sufi Mashrab and Hanafi Maslak in the region, symbolizing the revival of the age-old unity and harmony that were once suppressed by extremist forces.
With the resurgence of Sufi mehfils and the ban of intoxicants in religious places, Kashmir is embracing its spiritual heritage once again, signaling a reawakening of its centuries-old Tasawwuf culture.

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