Renzushah addresses "Kashmir Nasha Mukt" conference in Guptkari, 
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Renzushah addresses "Kashmir Nasha Mukt" conference in Guptkari, 

Launches campaign against addiction

Post by RK News on Wednesday, July 12, 2023

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Srinagar, July 11: Farooq Renzushah, delivered a powerful keynote address at the prestigious Gupkar new Lawns in Kashmir, marking the launch of the "Kashmir Nasha Mukt" campaign against all forms of addiction. The conference, attended by prominent NGO representatives and supporters, aimed to restore the historical purity of a drug-free Kashmir.
Renzushah highlighted the significance of achieving a Nasha Mukt Kashmir, emphasizing the teachings of Hazrat Bulbushah and Hazrat Sader ud din Renchanshah, who advocated for a drug-free society as early as 1321 AD. He acknowledged the efforts of Hazrat Shah Hamdan in preserving the purity of Kashmir, ensuring it remained addiction-free during the British era.
Renzushah emphasized the urgent need to declare Kashmir as a Nasha Mukt place, aiming to revive the moral values and teachings of the region's esteemed Awaliya's and saints. 
During the conference, Renzushah appreciated the efforts of Rebel Shadanand from West Bengal, Mahjabeen Aali Kadli, Majid Masroor, Javid Mir, Kalim Bashir, Mashkoor Nizampuri, Mushtaq Shams Faqeer, Dr. Tawseef Wani, Dr. Tawseef Green Kashmir, and numerous registered NGOs in Kashmir for their support in the Addiction Free Kashmir campaign.

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