Rehaan - the pet vlogger
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Rehaan - the pet vlogger

Post by Syeda Rafiyah on Sunday, December 4, 2022

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Rehaan is a pet vlogger from north Kashmir’s Baramulla district whose YouTube channel Rehaan kd vlogs is very popular on the internet.
Resident of Gutiyar village in Baramulla in north Kashmir, the 26-year-old loved pets from early childhood and now he has kept different kinds of birds at his home.
In November 2020, after completing his masters in Political Science, he used to run a garments shop. One day, he saw a youth in his neighborhood who was having number of pigeons, so he followed him.
“The youth was feeding them in his free time and spending some beautiful time with them.  So I went to him and asked him about his journey. He was so polite and allowed me to recorded our conversation. I told him that I would like to put his video on my YouTube channel,” he said.
The youth agreed and that was the moment when Rehaan started uploading pet videos on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. 
“That first video crossed more than 4 lakh views in no time which inspired me more and after that I continued this journey and people loved my content,” he said.
Currently, his channel has 18.5 k followers on Facebook. He said his content is different than other YouTube channels. “You will see no other pet vlogger here. I am the first one who started vlogging on pets here in Kashmir. I used to bring those people in front of everyone who were not covered by all the other vloggers,” he said. 
Rehaan, who also has a readymade garments shop in Baramulla named Fashion Adda, said this is just the beginning for him and he aims to reach out to more and more people. 
“We have to make the pet culture strong and it is very good to engage people as to get rid of daily stress which we all go through in our daily life,” he said.
The vlogger said that nowadays many youth are inclined towards anti social activities. “So it would be better for everyone to have birds at their respective homes with whom one can spend free time. You will feel good and remain away from bad habits,” he said.

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