Refrain from sheltering terror supporters & terrorists: LG tells people
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Refrain from sheltering terror supporters & terrorists: LG tells people

Says no room for VIP culture, emphasizes equal treatment for all residents

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Friday, September 8, 2023

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Srinagar, Sep 07:  Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha asked the people of Jammu and Kashmir to refrain from providing shelter to individuals supporting terrorism. He entrusted the pivotal responsibility of ensuring security to the police and other security forces, reaffirming the administration's steadfast commitment to eradicating the terrorist network and holding those who exploit conflicts for personal gain accountable before the law.
Speaking at Dak Bungalow Sopore, LG Sinha urged the residents of Sopore and the wider J&K region not to harbor or assist terror supporters and terrorists. He emphasized that the public's role is to abstain from aiding terrorists, while the police and security forces, backed by the administration, will take the necessary actions to eliminate terrorism and its associated networks in the region.
The LG expressed an unwavering commitment to eradicating the roots of terrorism and assured that efforts would persist until the entire terror ecosystem is dismantled.
"The administration's unwavering commitment is to crack down on those he referred to as 'Conflict Profiteers' – individuals who exploited terrorism for personal gain, causing suffering for ordinary citizens," he stated.
LG Sinha questioned those responsible for tarnishing Sopore's once-renowned image as a business hub until the 1970s and promoting activities like stone pelting, which had unjustly impacted the town's people and future generations.
With the strong support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Jammu and Kashmir administration pledged to restore Sopore to its former glory from the 1970s. He expressed determination to rekindle the town's past enthusiasm.
"Despite boasting Asia's largest fruit mandi, Sopore had endured decades of neglect. Sopore would be transformed into a model town for the entire country," he proclaimed.
LG Sinha underscored the historical communal harmony that characterized Sopore and pledged to return the town to that peaceful coexistence.
Commending the Municipal Committee's commendable efforts in maintaining the town's cleanliness, he stressed the importance of active citizen participation.
The Lt. Governor clarified that development efforts in Sopore were not driven by politics or personal gain but by a sense of duty akin to a religious calling.
Critiquing those who constructed extravagant residences while neglecting the welfare of the common people, the LG strongly condemned the promotion of a VIP culture in the region.
He asserted a fundamental principle, stating that every resident, regardless of their district within Jammu and Kashmir, is accorded VIP status, with no room for discrimination.

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