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Reducing risk of heart diseases
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Reducing risk of heart diseases

Post by on Sunday, December 26, 2021

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Heart disease is sometimes called a silent killer, because many women experience no symptoms until they have a heart attack. Women who do have symptoms may notice chest pain (angina), heart palpitations (arrhythmia), shortness of breath, extreme fatigue etc. Women are more likely than men to have pain in the neck, jaw, throat, back, or abdomen.


Risk factors

??Overweight or obesity.


??Poor diet.

??Lack of physical activity.

??Excessive alcohol use.


??Family history of heart disease.


Reducing your risk

??Maintain a healthy weight.

??Exercise daily.

??Limit fats and cholesterol.

??Eat foods that have omega-3 fatty acids.

??Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

??Avoid alcohol consumption.

??Stop smoking.

??Reduce salt intake.


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